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CPU CPU Speed Memory Storage Bandwidth Pricing
Xeon E3-1230V3 – 3.30 GHz 4 C/8 T 16 GB (DDR4) 250 GB SSD 20 TB ₹4,999.00 Order Now
Xeon E3-1230V3 – 3.30 GHz 4 C/8 T 32 GB (DDR4) 250 GB SSD 20 TB ₹5,999.00 Order Now
Xeon E3-1230V6 – 3.50 GHz 4 C/8 T 32 GB (DDR4) 500 GB SSD 20 TB ₹6,999.00 Order Now
Xeon E3-1230V6 – 3.50 GHz 4 C/8 T 64 GB (DDR4) 2 TB HDD 20 TB ₹8,999.00 Order Now
Xeon E5-2660v2 – 2.20 GHz 10 C/20 T 32 GB (DDR4) 500 GB SSD 30 TB ₹9,999.00 Order Now
Xeon E5-2660v2 – 2.20 GHz 10 C/20 T 64 GB (DDR4) 500 GB SSD 30 TB ₹10,999.00 Order Now

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Get a bare-metal dedicated hosting server with unmatched data security, flexibility, and expertise solutions to accelerate your web business

99.90% Uptime

We guarantee a 99.90% uptime network with our every dedicated server hosting plan while rendering the robust support of resilient and advanced hardware specifications as well as the latest core processors. We provide a service level agreement to ensure you the highest level of uptime network and nearly zero downtime experience.

Money Back Guarantee

We understand how crucial our customers’ money and time are! So, we ensure to provide you with the most satisfying web hosting services At the same, by any chance, if you want to change your purchased hosting plan, you can employ our 7-days credit-back guarantee feature and acquire the credits investment back into your Hostclub99 account.

24/7 Instant Technical Support

we have an expert team of specialized and experienced professionals who are always on their toes to provide instant technical assistance. You will be able to connect with our highly-skilled team over various communication mediums in order to acquire prompt responses and accessible solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

A dedicated is a server which is fully owned and controlled by a single user without sharing it to anybody else un-like in shared server. You have the full rights to access the server and manage every services toi it. Dedicated servers gives more disk-space, bandwith and processing speed to your sites and clients can easily choose what operating system they need to installed on it and what type of hardware they need.
It may take upto 1-72 hrs depending on the custom hardware requirements placed by the client if any. In general we will handover all the listed servers on site as fast as we can.
On Dedicated Server you will get more power to manage and configure services on server with root access.
You will get all major Linux and Windows OS preinstalled on server like Linux, CentOS, debian, ubuntu, ArchLinux, Windows. You can also install your custom OS by yourself too.
You will get basic support with your unmanaged dedicated server. Basic support includes the free replacement of any defective hardware and the renewed loading of the basic system (in so far as a disk image system can be loaded).